EPTS Staff

Foreign Teachers of the EPTS Program – ACADEMIC Year 2018

Mr. Rollin Michael Miller (Head of Teaching and Learning)

No Name Nationality Subjects to teach Subjects to teach
1  Mr. Aaron Bendorf Neugeboren American English aaron@satitpatumwan.ac.th
2  Mr. Adam Thomas Bodley-Tickell British Science (Biology) adam@satitpatumwan.ac.th
3  Mr. Andrew Stanford British Mathematics andrew@satitpatumwan.ac.th
4  Mr. Brian Marc Spiegel American Mathematics brian@satitpatumwan.ac.th
5  Mrs. Caroline Jarrafoux Traiwitthayasilp French French (EPTS+Regular) caroline@satitpatumwan.ac.th
6  Mr. Craig John Wardman Canadian Science craig@satitpatumwan.ac.th
7  Mr. Daniel Taro McLaughlin Canadian English (Regular) daniel.taro@satitpatumwan.ac.th
8  Mr. David Franklin Nall American Science (Physics) david@satitpatumwan.ac.th
9  Mr. Eduard Willem Van Walchren American Science (Biology, Physics) eduard@satitpatumwan.ac.th
10  Mr. Gordon Edward McEvoy American English (EPTS+Regular) gordon@satitpatumwan.ac.th
11  Mr. James David Sayer British Mathematics james@satitpatumwan.ac.th
12  Mr. James Lane Risedorph American English (EPTS+Regular) james.ris@satitpatumwan.ac.th
13  Mr. James Payer Howell III American Mathematics james.how@satitpatumwan.ac.th
14  Mr. Jason Neil Sore British Social Studies jason@satitpatumwan.ac.th
15  Ms. Jessica Jane Sankey British English (Regular) jessica@satitpatumwan.ac.th
16  Mr. Jonathan Roy Breed British English jonathan@satitpatumwan.ac.th
17  Dr. Kevin Martin Fortune British Science (Chemistry) kevin@satitpatumwan.ac.th
18  Mr. Kevin Peter Raw British English (EPTS+Regular) kevin.r@satitpatumwan.ac.th
19  Ms. Kimberly Ann Unger American Health and Work Ed. (M.1) kim@satitpatumwan.ac.th
20  Mr. Kyle  Dreher American English / Jazz kyle@satitpatumwan.ac.th
21  Mr. Richard John Beattie British Social Studies richard@satitpatumwan.ac.th
22  Mr. Robert Bradley Burch American English robert@satitpatumwan.ac.th
23  Mr. Robert Michael Casto American Science mike@satitpatumwan.ac.th
24  Mr. Rollin Michael Mille American Social Studies rollin@satitpatumwan.ac.th
25  Mr. William Casey McMichael American Mathematics casey@satitpatumwan.ac.th
26  Dr. Yevgeni Gorshenin Russian English (EPTS+Regular) yevgeni@satitpatumwan.ac.th

Thai Teachers and Staff of the EPTS Program – ACADEMIC Year 2018

No. Name – Surname Position e-mail
1 Miss Lalit Ratchataruangnumkul Class Teacher M. 1/343 lalit@satitpatumwan.ac.th
2 Miss Paranee Noisaeng Class Teacher M. 1/353 phonnapha@satitpatumwan.ac.th
3 Mrs. Piyanuch Sittikorn Class Teacher M. 2/351 piyanuch@satitpatumwan.ac.th
4 Mr. Nithiz Onkaewmanee Class Teacher M. 2/352 teeyos@satitpatumwan.ac.th
5 Miss Tanapa Rodkurd Class Teacher M. 3/341 tanapa@satitpatumwan.ac.th
6 Miss Raweewan Autthanitee Class Teacher M. 3/342 raweewan@satitpatumwan.ac.th
7 Miss Nattaphat Prangkatoke Class Teacher M. 4/330 jittiporn@satitpatumwan.ac.th
8 Miss Subhalee Dvi-vardhana Class Teacher M. 4/331 subhalee@satitpatumwan.ac.th
9 Miss Kangsadan Chooim Class Teacher M. 5/340 kangsadan@satitpatumwan.ac.th
10 Miss Kalyakorn Taymuang Class Teacher M. 5/350 kalyakorn@satitpatumwan.ac.th
11 Miss Natthanan Tanthanawat Class Teacher M. 6/511 natthanan@satitpatumwan.ac.th
12 Mrs. Siriporn Charernkitpan Class Teacher M. 6/513 siriporn@satitpatumwan.ac.th
13 Miss Pattama Laohasinnarong EPTS Finance Officer pattama.lao@satitpatumwan.ac.th
14 Miss Nutrada Boonnun EPTS Supply Technical Officer nutrada@satitpatumwan.ac.th
15 Miss Sukanya Hokrathok EPTS Administration Officer sukanya@satitpatumwan.ac.th
16 Mrs. Suchada Thaipanij Librarian suchada@satitpatumwan.ac.th

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