EPTS Projects

NASA S’COOL/CloudSAT/Video Conference Projectฅ

All of our M1 students are involved in the NASA Student Cloud Observation Online Project.   Our students make daily weather observationsat the same time satellites are over Bangkok and then upload their data to NASA.  Our student observations are then combined with the satellite data to get a complete picture of the weather.  By participating in this project, our students can use their academic and scientific skills while engaging with a significant international research project.  This project
is connected to the weather and atmosphere curriculum the M1 students learn in the second semester.  For more information, please see: http://science-edu.larc.nasa.gov/SCOOL/

After M1, students can volunteer to continue working with NASA by participating in the CloudSAT project.  This project is similar to the S’COOl Project in M1, but it involves more detailed observations.

Our EPTS students have annual video conferences with NASA scientist Dr. Lin Chambers.  Dr. Chambers explains the purpose of the NASA Student Cloud Observation Project and the importance of our student observations.  She also reviews the data we have uploaded and gives tips how to make better observations.  We also have a video conference with Chartiers- Houston
School in the United States, which is one of the leading schools in the NASA project.  Our students get to exchange ideas and practice speaking English while connecting with their peers from overseas who have similar interests.


M3 Integrated Project
M.3 Teachers
This is a two semester group project for the M3 students where the students choose one topic and connect it to all the subjects.  This helps the students understand how all the subjects are connected in real life since each subject is taught separately in school.  For the science part of the project, they will be conducting an experiment following the scientific method they learned in M1 science.  Each group will give two presentations and write a properly formatted and referenced final report.  This project is a valuable part of the M3 curriculum since it teaches the students skills they can use for the rest of their lives.






EPTS Bookworms Club (or “The Book Club”)
The Foreign Languages Department

Reading is one of the best activity you can do to improve yourself intellectually; it develops your vocabularies, reading comprehension, knowledge, and even test scores. This is why we founded the EPTS Bookworms Club (or “The Book Club”). We are looking for students interested in independent reading –reading just for fun. Our activities currently consists of “Been Caught Reading” posters and lending library books for pleasure reading. Other potential activities include book reviews, reading marathon, book swap, and other challenges; there won’t be any homework or quizzes. The Book Club hopes that we can introduce all of EPTS students to the wonderful world of reading –the activity that will revolutionize your life!





PDS Jazz Club
Ajarn Kyle

To provide an inclusive platform for exchange of musical ideas, appreciation of music and to encourage musical development. The Jazz Club is an musical activity club and was organized to promote musical education and events at Satit Patumwan. Participation is open to all who are interested in music. Meetings and workshops are held by Ajarn Kyle on a weekly basis.



EPTS Gazette Student’s magazine
Ajarn Tanapa

A publication created by students, for students. This magazine will be the stage for students  to show their talented of witing and also creating. Gazette magazine will be publish 2 times in A Academic year.
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English Kids Camp
Ajarn Amornpan, Ajarn Tanapa and EPTS English Teachers

On an annual basis the EPTS English Department holds a weekend camp for local temple schools. Many of the children attending the camp have never had exposure to learning with a Native Speaker. Activities include lessons and games to promote the students interest in learning the English Language



English Public Speaking Club
 Ajarn Siriporn, Ajarn Nithiz

The English Public Speaking Club was formed to build up public speaking confidence among EPTS students. Students attend various public speaking competitions and take part in debates with other schools. Also, guest speakers visit and lecture on topics related to public speaking.







Creative Sparks
Ajarn Kangsadarn, Ajarn Kyle, Ajarn Brad, Ajarn Yevgini

Creative Sparks is a collection of writings contributed by EPTS Students. This anthology contains a rich variety of poetry, prose and non-fiction contributions and serves as a showcase for our talented young writers.







Canada Summer Course
EPTS Teachers

At the conclusion of their Matayom 1 (Grade 7) year EPTS students visit Canada where they attend a Canadian school and live with a host family. Also, the students provide their host school with shows and exhibitions to promote Thai culture.








The Intensive English Course for M.1 Students

EPTS Teachers

Incoming Matayom 1 students attend the EPTS Intensive English Course prior to the start of the academic year. The course entails classroom instruction in English, Math and Science in addition to other activities to promote learning. The students also attend a week long camp in locations like Kao Yai or Kanchanaburi.


Australian Mathematics Competition
Ajarn Tanapa and EPTS Math Teachers

The 2008 Australian Mathematics Competition, the 31st AMC, was held on Thursday 31 July. A record number of schools participated. We thank schools from around Australia and countries in the Asia Pacific region for their continued support of this event which dates back to 1978 and continues to be the major mathematics school enrichment event in the region. It is also the first part of a further enrichment and problem solving program. In Australia it is also the basis of the program for training for the International Mathematical Olympiad.


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