The English Program for Talented Students (EPTS)

PDS Jazz Club 2019 Academic Year Studio Recording Project

PDS Jazz Club 2019 Academic Year Studio Recording Project by Ajarn Kyle Dreher

On 12th and 13th March, I took the M.5 and M.6 PDS Jazz Club bands to Entrance Studio to record the music we have been working on over the past several months. A combined total of 15 M.5 and M.6 students from the EPTS and regular program recorded their versions of 21 classic jazz instrumentals and songs and one jazz arrangement of a recent pop song. An additional highlight was that each band improvised a conceptual piece based on their expressions regarding the current situations facing Bangkok and the world, entitled “Blues 2.5” (PM 2.5) and “Corona Blues”. The students learned the basics of how a live studio recording is made, as well as how overdubs and edits are accomplished. On 16th March, I returned to work along with the recording engineers to mix and edit the recording. The students and their families can now access the recording via the Internet, as can the school administration. I would like to thank the school administration for your ongoing support. Below are some pictures from the project.