The English Program for Talented Students (EPTS)

The 13th EU-TH National Intervarsity Debate Championship

The 13th EU-TH National Intervarsity Debate Championship
EPTS students attended “The 13th EU-TH National Intervarsity Debate Championship” which is

held during July 31st to August 4th 2018 by Mahidol University International College (MUIC).
 The total of 5 teams and 6 adjudicators were sent to the competition. The teams consisted of:
PDS 1: Plern, Time, Belle M.5/340
PDS 2:  Por M.5/340, Jeng M.5/350, Plume M.6/513
PDS 3:  Gusjang M.3/341, Yuenbing M.3/341, Kenny M.3/342
PDS 4: Xin M.3/342, Raya M.4/331, Magic M.5/350
PDS 5:  Perce M.2/351, Ten M.4/331, Junior M.4/331
The adjudicators are Aim M.2/351, Ainee M.2/351, Kanuth M.3/341, Milky M.4/331, Phupa
M.3/342, with Ken M.6/513 as the Adjudication Core.
Two teams broke into the elimination rounds.  PDS 2 was awarded Quarter-Finalist. While PDS
4 was awarded High School Semi-Finalist, with Raya from the team ranked 9th Best Speaker.
 Also, Kanuth won 8th Best Adjudicator.  It was great to see our students’ passion and dedication
that they put into the debate.