The English Program for Talented Students (EPTS)

7th Thailand World Schools Debating Championship (TWSDC 2018)


Congratulations to our students, Kenny, Yuenbing, Gusjang M2/351 who awarded the Champion of the Junior High School; Raya, Aom M3/341 and Zeen M2/352 who awarded the Junior High School Finalist; Belle M4/330, Magic M4/331, Plume M5/350; Plern, Jeng M4/331 and Ken M5/350 who awarded the High School Quaterfinalist; Ice M3/341 who awarded Junior High School 8th Best Speaker; Ken who awarded High School 2nd Best Speaker; Belle , Ken who awarded High School 8th Best Speaker; Jeng who awarded High School 9th Best Speaker; Kanuth who award 7th Best Adjudicator in “7th Thailand  World Schools Debating Championship (TWSDC 2018)”on 10-12 February 2018 at Panyarat High School. They attained outstanding success by debate coach, Ajarn Chainarong Yokoyama. All of this was overseen by Ajarn Siriporn Charernkitpan, Ajarn Subhalee Dvi-Vardhanaa and Ajarn Lalit Ratchataruangnumkul.


Grand Champion        ชนะเลิศ (PDS 5)

Grand Finalist รองชนะเลิศ     (PDS 1)

Quater-Finalist (PDS 2)

Quater-Finalist (PDS 4)

Rookie (PDS 3)